It’s official. I’ve moved on.

I’ve been offered great positions around the globe at several companies during my years but turned most of them down, mostly because I’m comfortable where I am. I’m allowed to do almost whatever I want, surrounded by people I enjoy being with - who also happen to trust on my opinions and insights. Even though this all sounds great, it will most likely not help me grow in the long term.

As you might know (or don't), I really care for products. I’ve designed and developed many projects and concepts during my years for both myself and for others. I’m probably best associated with "Dropular" - a social inspirational sharing service that allowed users to collect and share videos, images, and links through tags and collections on both the web and iOS. I originally built this in 2008 and shipped it early the year after. It was a great fun project that attracted many people in my field of work. The downside was that I had no clue whatsoever on what I’d built and how to keep up with it. The site grew and the shitty code that I wrote made the product very expensive to maintain. A couple of years later, Dropular was in such bad shape that the more I tried to rescue it, the deeper it sank. Soon after, I wasn’t able to save it. Today it's all a buried memory.

So why am I talking about this? From this personal and sad story, a better one is born. An interesting offer. For over a year now, I’ve been distracted by the thought of maybe leaving Sweden. Being lucky to get the opportunity to explore the world is something to carefully consider and also having built similar product had a major role in the decision that was fairly easy to make. I’m very excited to let you know that I’ve relocated to San Francisco to join Pinterest as of today.

Pinterest 2012

Pinterest’s new building

Pinterest 2013

The entrance

Lunch break

Lunch at Pinterest

Employee kit

Part of Pinterest’s new employee kit

There have been so many amazing people involved in the process of my visa application and I’m really grateful for all the hard work you’ve done for me.

And last, Evan and Ben, thank you for giving me and my family the opportunity to come to the US.

Jun 18, 2013

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Concept: WinDOM

Drag elements outside (and back inside) the browser window. This is just a simple idea that I had that I wanted to test. It works OK-ish in Webkit browsers (especially in Chrome Canary). It’s definitely not meant to be used in production. The code is not even meant to be used at all. But, if you get inspired by this concept and want to build something with it, please contact me. I would love to see the result of it. Or even better, if there is something out there already that does this, let me know.

See it in action here. (best viewed in Chrome Canary as said above).

Mocked using my own and some borrowed Javascript snippets from here and there.

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